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Traditional Caricatures
Digital Caricatures
Digital Caricatures
Kids’ Caricatures
Traditional CaricaturesDigital CaricaturesDigital CaricaturesKids’ Caricatures


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Traditional Caricatures

Wedding photos can capture how you look, but perhaps nothing is better than a hand-sketched caricature for drawing you out as you truly are. Our caricaturists are highly-trained professionals that showcase the best part of you. With each stroke, each dash of color, the day you and your guests have anticipating for days, months or years will truly come alive.

Digital Caricatures (Watch the VIDEO HERE!)

In a twist of the typical charcoal and colored pencils, consider hiring one of our digital caricaturists. They will paint you with a stylist pen and tablet, then add a splash of cartoon color to make your eyes, your lips, your gowns and tuxes pop. Since they are digital, you can easily print, make copies, and endlessly share your happy, happy hearts.

“Not just events...SPECIAL EVENTS”

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