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Strolling Magic
Strolling Magic
Strolling Magic
Comedy Magic Show
Strolling Magicians
Strolling MagicStrolling MagicStrolling MagicComedy Magic ShowStrolling Magicians

Strolling Magic, Illusion & Comedy Magic

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Strolling Magicians

Enliven your cocktail hour or the main event by sending a strolling magician from group to group and table to table. From traditional playing card tricks to tricks literally pulled from a hat — magic you’ve never seen before — your guests will be amazed and entertained.

See one of our strolling magicians in action (VIDEO).

Strolling Mentalists

They know more about you than you think…How do they do it?

See our strolling mentalists in action (VIDEO).

Magic Shows (Comedy & Illusionist)

Dazzle your guests with a magic show. We put on illusionist magic productions as well as rip-roaring comedy magic shows. Our magicians can produce a dove out of thin air — and lots of laughs. Audience participation is always strongly encouraged. Let us know the type of magic show you’d like, and we’ll find you the right wizard.

Comedy Magic Shows (VIDEO)

“Not just events...SPECIAL EVENTS”

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