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Mentalists, Psychics & HypnoTWIST

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Mind-bending fun and fortune-telling for all ages.

Hypnotists, Mentalists & Strolling Mind Readers 

“You are getting very sleepy…” That simple statement has led to some of the wackiest moments around the world. Watch your friends get wild and crazy under hypnosis or, if you prefer, choose our mentalist for an incredible mind reading act. Mentalists combine magic with hypnosis. Our strolling mind readers will just freak you out!

Check out our Strolling Mind Readers! (VIDEO)

Check out our Hypnotist! (VIDEO)


Whether it’s a crystal ball, a deck of cards or a handwriting analysis, our psychics will reveal your past and future. There’s nothing more intimate than having your own personal reading. For something even more unique, try our lipstick or purse readings. You’ll be amazed at how much our psychics can find out by literally reading your lips!


At the beginning of the show, three audience members are selected. Little does the audience know that these two volunteers were selected beforehand by the Hypnotist. They are then successfully “hypnotized,” and hilarity ensues!

Click here to see our HypnoTwist Video!

“Not just events...SPECIAL EVENTS”

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