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Kiddle Karoo Puppet Show & Concert
Meeting New Friends
Kiddle Karoo Puppet Show
Marionette Show
Kiddle Karoo Puppet Show & ConcertMeeting New FriendsKiddle Karoo Puppet ShowMarionette Show

Puppet Shows & Concerts

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We are very, very proud to offer Kiddle musical puppet shows and kiddie rock concerts. The puppet show itself take place in a little puppet house. Then, the Muppet-like puppets come to life, walking onto the “stage” — or simply your front lawn. They sing and dance with Kiddle’s bright-eyed performers, even doing a little bit of crowd surfing. There’s no better way to give your child a lifelong love of music.

In case you’d like something a little more low-key, simply ask for a solo puppeteer.

Check out our Kiddle concert! (VIDEO)

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