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Carnival Party
Milk Can Knockout
Bean Bag Toss
Carnival Booths
Carnival PartyMilk Can KnockoutBean Bag TossCarnival Booths

Carnival Games & Circus

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Clowns may be scary sometimes, but everybody loves a good carnival! We set up those quintessential red-and-white striped carnival tents and get ready to have a good time! We play bean bag toss, milk can knockout, frog bop, squirt the clown and other classic carnival games, along with everyone’s favorite, The Dunk Tank. You can always have as little or as many games as you want. (Lions, tigers and bears optional.)

Solo Circus

One of our circus performers combines a 30 minute show of juggling and simple circus acts with a 30-minute juggling lesson for audience members.

Check out our Kids Multi-Performer! (VIDEO)

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