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Karaoke Idol: Perform For Your Audience!

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Embarrassing yourself is ALWAYS entertaining.

Go from a singing-in-the-shower superstar to a superstar at your special event. Even if you can’t hold a tune, there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that you’ll hold your audience’s attention! Whether you decide to have a karaoke booth to the side or make karaoke a focal point of your party, the song and the laughter will play on. Just like taking notes makes you remember a book more clearly, singing the song that defines your occasion will make you remember why today was your special day.

Karaoke Idol

Inject some fun, friendly competitive spirit to your karaoke by turning it into a rise-through-the-ranks competition. Choose judges or let your whole audience be the judge by the sound of applause! Don’t worry, no Simon Cowells allowed.

Video Lip Sync

Now you can star in your own music video. You become the star when you stand in front of our green screen. Grab some friends, make them your bandmates and sing your heart out!

“Not just events...SPECIAL EVENTS”

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