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Gatsby Show
The Gatsby Show
The Gatsby Show
Gatsby Show
Flapper Girls
Gatsby ShowThe Gatsby ShowThe Gatsby ShowGatsby ShowFlapper Girls

Great Gatsby Show: Relive the Roaring 20s

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The most fabulous dance revue you will find — another Joe Diamond Events exclusive.

We are proud to offer Great Gatsby theme decor and dance revues. Our Great Gatsby flapper girls dazzle in shimmering, sequined Roaring Twenties fringe dresses, outsized feathers, and ruby-red lips, dancing to the Jazz Age music that Jay Gatsby himself might have listened to. Throw in some mobsters & coppers and you’re in Daisy and Gatsby’s New York. Our Gatsby Girls love audience interaction. They love life! To quote the immortal words of Fergie, “A little party never killed nobody.

Great Gatsby VIDEO

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