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Dance Revue
Gatsby Show
Polynesian Dancers
Arabic Dancers
Silhouette Dancers
Hip ‘N’ Stance LED Dancers
Dance RevueGatsby ShowPolynesian DancersArabic DancersSilhouette DancersBroadwayHip ‘N’ Stance LED Dancers

Dance Revues: Samba, Broadway & More

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Jaw-dropping dancers and performances from all across the world.

How’d you like a front-row seat to your very own dance revue? We provide Broadway, Vegas, Old Hollywood, Brazilian Samba, Polynesian, Burlesque, Middle Eastern, Indian, Hip Hop, and more. Our hottest production at the moment is the brand-new Great Gatsby Show. We use different performers for each revue. They bring the pizzazz and pop. You don’t have to bring anything. Sit back and watch the show unfold.

Check out our Dance Compilation VIDEO!

Or, if you’d rather see some select videos one at a time…

Samba Sensation VIDEO | Gatsby Girl VIDEO | 20’s Dancers VIDEO | Salute to Broadway VIDEO | Hip ‘N’ Stance LED Dancers VIDEO | Polynesian Show VIDEO | Le Silhouette VIDEO | Voices (Glee Club) VIDEO | Bollywood (VIDEO)

“Not just events...SPECIAL EVENTS”

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