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Cake Decorating
Cake Decorating
Cake DecoratingCook-OffCake Decorating

Cake Decorating & Cook-off Competitions

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Cake Decorating

All teams begin with their three basic supplies: 1 cake, 1 Spatula, and 1 can of frosting. They must work together to complete team challenges to win Monopoly Money that can be used at the store to buy better cake decorating supplies. One example of a challenge might be that they have to form a group pyramid and take a picture. The first group to take the picture and show it to the host gets a certain dollar amount to take over to the store and spend as they like. They can buy additional spatulas and cans of frosting, cake toppers or any other supply that is available  at the store.

Cook-off Competitions

All teams are given the basic ingredients. The teams will be able to earn “Funny Money” by doing quick and easy teambuilding-styled activities while they are cooking. The “Funny Money” is then used to buy Extra ingredients that are located on a table set up like a mini grocery store (e.g. chocolate chips, spices, fruit).  There is another table that is set up that they can purchase Presentation items from to present their custom dish to the judges (e.g. special plates, flowers, champagne bottles). The judges taste and decide who “wins” (though everyone is a winner in this show)!


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